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Reveal LINQ Implant

Is long-term monitoring so valuable?

Issues with an irregular heartbeat typically manifest sporadically, most often not when you are in your cardiologist’s office. The fact that these issues occur irregularly makes them hard to detect and diagnose without some way to monitor the heart continuously.

The Reveal LINQ System offers a simple solution for long-term monitoring. The Reveal LINQ 2-part system includes:

  1. A small monitor (the Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor) is placed underneath your skin, where it continuously records your heart rhythm data
  2. A bedside monitor (the MyCareLink Patient Monitor) that collects the heart rhythm data from the Insertable Cardiac Monitor each night and transmits it to your doctor

How does the technology work?

Once the monitor has been implanted under your skin, you will plug in the MyCareLink Monitor near your bed. You must ensure that you have a good cell signal there, so the two devices can communicate. While you sleep, the data will be transmitted to your doctor’s office for monitoring.

What are the benefits of this device?

  • The implanted monitor is virtually invisible in most patients.
  • Installation is simple – only a power outlet and cell signal are needed.
  • The MyCareLink monitor can be transported wherever you go.
  • The implanted monitor is safe for use during an MRI.
  • The system can monitor for up to 3 years.


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