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Treadmill Stress Test

What is it?

An exercise treadmill test is used to determine myocardial ischemia, evaluate any EKG changes during exercise, determine patient response to exercise, blood pressure response to exercise and provide an objective basis for an exercise program.

What do I do?

●  Take all regular medications the day of the exam
●  Refrain from eating a heavy meal close to the testing time
●  Refrain from caffeinated products for four (4) hours prior to testing
●  If diabetic, please call the nurse to discuss your diabetes mediations. If any change is necessary, the nurse will let you know.
●  Wear clothing and shoes appropriate for exercise

What will happen?

●   You will be asked to change clothes from the waist up
●   You will be asked your height, weight and which medications you take
●   You will have 10 EKG patches attached to your chest
●   You will have your blood pressure taken
●   You will be asked to read and sign a consent form for the test
●   You will be instructed on how to walk on a treadmill

How long does it take?

From start to finish, this test will take approximately thirty (30) minutes.

Post Procedure Instructions:

Blood pressure and EKG will be monitored closely after the test for 5 – 10 minutes or until your heart rate and blood pressure return to normal.

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