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Our care is broad and comprehensive, covering every aspect of heart and vascular health, from prevention to surgical treatment, using state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies, the newest procedures, and medicines available today.

Bringing the future of cardiovascular health to life.

Cardiology & Preventive Care

Specialists at The Texas Heart Institute Center for Cardiovascular Care focus on all aspects of general and preventive cardiology to maximize the benefits of early detection and proven prevention strategies to slow the progression of disease.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death. At least 80% of it is preventable. This means you can take steps to change – and beat – your odds of dying from it, or of having your quality of life impaired.


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Heart and vascular disease include a wide range of complex health conditions, and it is important that your specific needs are understood so that the right medical team is assembled for you. This team may include one or more cardiologists – clinical specialists of the heart who focus on the diagnosis, medical management (use of medicines), and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

A diagnosis of heart or vascular disease often begins with your primary care doctor, who then refers you to a cardiologist to determine an individualized approach to treatment to assess your risk, address your symptoms, and prescribe a management plan to prevent or slow the further progression of the disease. Because many serious heart conditions often go unnoticed, it is important to manage the factors that can increase your risk for a cardiovascular event or stroke as soon as they are identified.

Our cardiologists evaluate your symptoms and your medical history and may recommend tests for a more definite diagnosis. The results will help determine how best to manage your condition using medicines or other available treatments or procedures.

If your condition requires surgery, our cardiologists are part of an experienced network of specialists in the treatment of every condition. Our interventional cardiologists, cardiac electrophysiologists, and cardiovascular surgeons specialize in both minimally invasive and complex operations on the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. While you always remain under the care of your cardiologist even when you are referred to other specialists, our network access to experts locally, nationally, and internationally ensures you have the most appropriate team for your condition.

Dedicated to Prevention & Wellness

Major investments in research have proved that healthy eating patterns, an increase in physical activity, weight loss, and smoking cessation can lower a person’s risk of coronary artery disease (CAD).

Our care team is committed to promoting our patients’ overall health and quality of life by helping them to make changes to their lifestyle that have been proven to extend life.

Nationally Recognized Heart Care

We welcome our local, regional, and global community by ensuring that they have access to the best care for their needs.

Texas Heart Institute at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center Recognized Among Nation’s Best in Cardiology & Heart Surgery by U.S. News & World Report

Research to Improve Treatment Outcomes

Through our practice, you may have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. The Texas Heart Institute’s clinical trials include experimental treatments that may lead to better patient care for people with a variety of heart and vascular conditions.

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