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Texas Heart Institute Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence

When Dr. Denton Cooley and his colleagues founded the Texas Heart Institute (THI), it was with the firm belief that excellence in patient care, research, and education would make life-saving differences for patients with heart and vascular disease.

Since that time, patients around the world have benefitted from our firsts in cardiovascular medicine and research—innovations in cardiac surgery, drug and device development, and less invasive approaches to diagnose and treat heart disease, to name just a few.

As we approach our 60th anniversary, that commitment to excellence resounds through programs that will yield our NextFirsts, always focused on improving care for our patients.

New devices to support failing hearts in adults and children, innovative methods to reset irregular heart rhythms, and novel gene therapies to repair damaged hearts—advances like these at THI hold the promise to help millions of people worldwide.

THI’s mission is just as relevant today as it was when the Institute was established. While we have made remarkable progress toward improving cardiovascular outcomes, heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States.

THI is committed to accelerating discoveries that will change the trajectory of heart health through our world-class research and education programs.

Joseph G. Rogers, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer
John M. O’Quinn/James T. Willerson, MD Endowed Chair in Cardiology
Texas Heart Institute